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Steve Whitting's
Lair of the "Ciocc Cat"
Website updated on June 8, 2013!
"Where 1980's vintage finely-crafted Italian steel and fermented choice hops meet the asphalt on aged sew-ups."
So what's up with the funky "Austro Daimler" jersey and the tights around my ankles? Okay, its a "vintage" photo of yours truly and my Ciocc San Cristobal taken circa early spring 1989 on a Saturday morning "training ride" with the other crazies from the Shreveport Bicycle Club.  Those were the days when the best frames were still lovingly hand-brazed one-at-a-time out of Columbus SL tubing and built-up with top-of-the-line Campy Super Record components.
About Ciocc: Frame maestro/founder of Ciocc is Signore Giovanni Pelizzoli. Signore Pelizzoli claims that "Ciocc" (say like "church" but with a soft "r") is just a meaningless nickname also shared by his father and grandfather. His racing nickname was "poker face", hence the Ciocc head badge of four aces in a cross formation.  Claudio Corti won the 1977 U23 World Championship road race on a Ciocc at San Cristobal, Venezuela. After the victory Signore Pelizzoli called his signature frame San Cristobal.  Ciocc also had a model called "Mockba 1980" for the Moscow Olympics.  Many pros reportedly rode Cioccs (repainted in their team's colors) in the 1980's.
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Photo above shows me (with a lot more gray hair and a few pounds heavier) and my ultra-rare Ciocc Titan on May 15, 2013.  It was suggested to me that the titanium frame was probably built in one of the former Soviet republics sometime in the 1990s for Stefano Bonati, who took over Ciocc in 1991. This awesome super-bike was a Christmas/Birthday present to me from my wife last year.

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