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The Next Generation
My daughter April (pictured above) is truly amazing.  Cheryl and I adopted her from China in 2004 - we held her in our arms for the first time on the day she turned 11 months old.  She was so tiny then that I could cradle her in one arm.  Now she is a physical and mental powerhouse.  At six years-old she is already a ranked USGA Level 3 Gymnast and she finished fifth overall against a very tough field at Louisiana State Championships in 2008. She reads third-grade level and will start first grade this fall.  Sometimes I think she's from the planet Krypton rather than mainland China.

Other than gymnastics, her favorite sports are basketball and (of course) cycling.  She already has her eyes on her mom's Colnago, but until she grows a bit she'll be riding a customized cromoly-frame Free Agent with alloy rims purchased from Pedal Play in Baton Rouge (pictured below).  Like other great things, it was "Made in China"!
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