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Shreveport Bicycle Club "Wild Bunch"
We were bad.  We were too fast for the tourists and we could - and often did - hold our own against the "real" racers of Team La S'port.  We were regulars on the "training rides" that left Racing Research every Saturday morning.  The sight of green and yellow jerseys clustering at the front of the peloton usually meant only one thing: the SBC's infamous "Wild Bunch" was about to launch another attack.
The photo below was taken in November, 1987 after the SBCRT "cleaned house" at the Cullen-Baker Road Race near Bloomberg, Texas.  The locals never knew what hit 'em . . .
When we weren't riding we liked to party.  We didn't need much of an excuse - after all, we had to replace all those precious calories we'd burned.  What better way to replentish ourselves than by consuming "mass quantities" of Mexican food and cold beer over tall tales and stupid jokes?
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