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Eureka Spring Fling
The Eureka Spring Fling was a sag-supported overnight bicycle tour sponsored by the Arkansas Bicycle Club that involved cycling from Fayetteville to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  The apx. 45 mile (one way) route covered some very scenic - and very hilly - terrain with some long, steep climbs coming into Eureka Springs.  The challenging ride was well worth it as Eureka Springs is a beautiful European-style village nestled high in the Ozark Mountains with narrow, winding streets, grand old hotels and fine restaurants.
The first Fling was held in May 1981 (photo above).  The lucky participants were rewarded with a spectacular view from the balcony of the New Orleans Hotel and a cooler filled to the rim with ice-cold beer.
History: Eureka Springs was founded in the 19th Century by health seekers who came to take to "take the cure" at this premiere, Victorian Era resort. Modern medicine advanced, water cures fell out of favor, two world wars and a depression intervened, and by the 1960's, Eureka Springs was a quiet place with an unfortunately large number of abandoned Victorian mansions and weed-choked mineral springs.  In 1964, white-supremacist Gerald L.K. Smith began construction of a "religious theme park" on Highway 1.  Fortunately, enough writers, artists and nature advocates have moved to Eureaka Springs to restore and preserve its ecclectic, fun-loving atmosphere.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
photo provided by
Eureka Springs Advertising & Promotions Commission
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