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The "Colnago Kid"
My wife Cheryl (photo at left) was affectionately known to SBC regulars as the "Colnago Kid".  In the late 1980s she was a regular on both SBC club rides and the Saturday morning "training races" from Racing Research.  She earned her repution for being a strong rider on multiple occasions.  On one memorable Saturday morning she and my good friend David quietly eased off the front of the pack.  Nobody took their subtle attack seriously until they'd slipped out of sight.  We didn't catch up with them until Frierson!
Photo above shows Cheryl's bright red Colnago Super.  The frame was purchased (used) in early March, 1985 and built up with a mixture of Campy and Shimano components.  Like my Ciocc it currently features Look clipless pedals, aero brake levers and a cyclocomputer.
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