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My Ciocc on 5-10-09
I think it was sometime in early 1992 that I parked my Ciocc for the "last time".  I was very disenchanted with the Baton Rouge cycling scene and I missed the camaraderie that I'd enjoyed with my cycling buddies in Shreveport.  I loathed having to drive an hour or more just to get to the start of a BRBC ride.  I felt like an out-of-place "roadie" among "trackies" and tourists.

My beloved Ciocc sat in the spare bedroom still wearing road grime from her last ride.  Her tires gradually went flat and her cyclocomputer eventually died.  When we moved to the new house in Prairieville she sat in the boatport gathering dust and cobwebs . . . and waiting patiently for me.

Then in May 2009 I got the cycling/fitness bug again and wheeled my Ciocc out of the boatport.

I slowly aired-up the tires . . . they held!

I spun the wheels - they were as true as the day I parked her 17 years earlier.  The brakes and derailleurs still worked.  Only my Cateye cyclocomputer failed to return to life even after two new batteries.

I cleaned 17 years of accumulated dust and grime off my Ciocc . . .
My Ciocc on May 10, 2009. Isn't she lovely?
Update: Since I took the above photo, I've been attempting to ride my Ciocc three-times a week on my wind-trainer and after-work rides around my neighborhood.  I have a new Cateye Astrale 8 cyclocomputer that cost about half what I paid for my old Cateye Micro in the late-80s.  (Ain't technology wonderful?) I also had to buy new tires - my ol' Contis weren't in as good a shape as I thought they were. Cycling isn't a "poor man's sport". You can click HERE to view a slide-show of close-up photos of my Ciocc taken on June 8, 2009.
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